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Improvisation: on Stepping out of Comfort Zone

My work as a contemporary pianist in the modern era for the last decade has been all about exploring the sphere of improvisation on piano, recognizing the need for a diversification in music training for classically trained pianists. Playing the piano has truly been my lifelong hobby. More specifically, improvising on piano has been a passion that guides me through reimagining the way music is created. It is also extremely therapeutic; it serves as an opportunity for me to release all sorts of thoughts and emotions on 88 keys that I’ve been in relationships with for the past twenty-six years. Improvisation, is a term that is most commonly associated with the Jazz tradition, so it would be false for me to claim that I am a jazz pianist, since I am simply not very familiar with jazz. The first encounter I have ever had with the concept of improvisation on piano was at the age of six while watching a family show on television one weekend. The program featured an interview with a p

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